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Services offering

We are honored presenting to you respectfully our offering service to have look at it for possible future work or provision of service.

Furthermore, we inform you that we have a good reputation among business enterprises and particularly for our seriousness in fulfilling the commands of partners.

In case you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us in the seat above. For further information we are at your service in the hope of making in your consideration our current offer. Would you please accept our best regards.

Having highly qualified human means; recent material resources in good working order and well functioning to better respond.

Needs of its customers

Our team of analyzing and designing calibration with our project leader will put an implementation plan of any work for reassuring clients in a very clear view about advancement of labor in a way which is completely


> Qualified personnel in the norms

> Quality of services

1) Security and hygiene plans

   Is committed to ensuring the safety of all employees, clients and other persons who may be affected by the activities of corporation. As a part of this commitment, we adopt procedures and programmers aimed at guaranteeing the security of working conditions and products. Every activity must abide in force by the laws and rules.

The management of health and safety system is currently being implemented in the organization in order to ensure the commitments defined by enterprise policy. Risks are evaluated in a systematic manner and we take suitable protection measures.

SARL A.G.S is obliged to develop and implement programmers of hygiene and safety in accordance with these policy .operational mangers shall put in place systems and procedures for providing protection for employees and controlling daily operations .subsidiaries must also established procedures of auditors intended monitoring the enforcement of this policy.

In addition, all employees of the corporation are responsible for their own personal security and public safety. Enterprises are expected for each employee whatever they are function that he /she is awareness of health issues and security that it is sensitive.

Security of personnel (personnel safety)

The corporation is responsible directly of the safety of its personnel, for this, it is developed a plan of security very defined including among others:

  • All personnel of our organisation are declared to social insurance.
  • The internal regulations of work place safety are clarified in employment contract and the employee is obliged to respect it.
  • Any person working in the middle of work site shall be necessary gloves, suits, shoes safety, and helmet.
  • Rounds of safety training to work place are organized periodically for the personnel (transport- rental of material- public work)
  • A briefing safety is a habit for our corporation every day before the start of work.
  • All our personnel know what measures of case of accident at work.
  • The security of staff is the responsibility of the head of project.
  • Each working group has chef group who will be responsible directly on his /her team.

Procedures in the event of an accident

  • the person who is touched injured at the moment of working will be evacuated immediately from work place by his college
  • he is going to get first aid
  • At the same time the team leader or the head of work site must report the called accident of the employer.
  • The injured man will be transported to the nearest medical centre.
  • Society shall prepare auditors to verify compliance with these    instructions and as well as for personne

Hygiène of Works

  • Hygiene of personnel is a matter of health and cleanliness, for this, our corporation must provide and equip this work site.
  • Nice and clean toilet.
  • Restoration to work places will be controlled and verified.
  • Place of accommodation workers will be equipped with a good ventilation and penetration rays of sunshine.
  • Sensitization of employees is the responsibility of team leaders and the project manager of work site


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Cité 272 bloc 23 local 36 BP 47, Hassi Messaoud, Ouargla, Algeria.
Siege Operationnel : Bir Messaoud, Hassi Messaoud, Ouargla, Algeria.